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Groundbreaking advertising cleans air

Air cleaning billboard ads in London have been made possible by technology developed in Copenhagen Science City by cleantech company AIRlabs

Advertising in public spaces is usually thought of as hot air. Now, in a world first, skincare company Body Shop have initiated an ad campaign where billboard ads provide London commuters with clean air at three inner city bus shelters. The novel air cleaning ads are made possible by a technology developed by Copenhagen Science City cleantech company AIRlabs.

Air that kills

Air pollution shortens the life expectancy of the average Londoner by as much as 16 months. Because it consists of particles as well as gas, the pollution gets everywhere in the body, where it can stunt brain development in infants and cause cancer and a wide range of pulmonary and cardio-vascular diseases. According to AIRlabs research, the legal limits for the harmful gas nitrogen dioxide are exceeded in London 99% of the time.

University technology

AIRlabs, is a Danish/English cleantech company located in Copenhagen Bioscience Park COBIS, one of several innovation hubs in Copenhagen Science city. They have developed a technology that removes up to 95 percent of nitrogen dioxide and most particulate matter in a multi stage treatment. Filters remove the particles and specialist media absorbs the gasses. The technology is sufficiently compact to be fitted in a bus shelter of normal proportions.

Proximity strengthened development

The scientific research and design hub of AIRlabs is placed in Copenhagen Science City, where the company is co-located with the University of Copenhagen, university hospital Rigshospitalet, and Metropolitan University College, a nursing and healthcare school. Having the academic resources within walking distance has made it relatively easy for AIRlabs to develop and test novel solutions.

An innovation district where inventiveness and investements meet

Copenhagen Science City is an innovation district in the heart of the Danish capital. World-class science, a great business climate and high livability combine to encourage businesses to co-locate, co-create and invest.
To co-locate with University of Copenhagen, University Hospital Rigshospitalet and Metropolitan University College.
To co-create with their 30.000 students and researchers in medicine, healthcare and science.
To enjoy access to state of art equipment for test and analysis and to academic know how and credibility.