Our organisation

Our organisation

The Innovation District Copenhagen organisation consists of a development council and a secretariat. Here the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark and the Danish Building & Property Agency work closely with the three knowledge institutions in Innovation District Copenhagen as well as with industry representatives from Novo Nordisk and the start-up communities Cobis Copenhagen Bio Science Park and Symbion.

Development Council for Innovation District Copenhagen

David Dreyer Lassen
Prorector, University of Copenhagen

Chairman, Innovation District Copenhagen

Rasmus Møgelvang, CEO, university hospital Rigshospitalet
Rasmus Møgelvang


Anne Vang Rasmussen
Vice Chancellor

University College Copenhagen

Nanna-Westerby-jensen-Director_City of Copenhagen
Nanna Westerby Jensen

City of Copenhagen

David Meinke, Director, Centre for Regional Development, Capital Region of Denmark
David Meinke
Director, Centre for Regional Development

Capital Region of Denmark

Peter Torstensen

Copenhagen Bio Science Park / Symbion

Kristian Lyk-Jensen
Deputy Director

The Danish Building & Property Agency

Peter Kurtzhals
Chief Scientific Advisor

Novo Nordisk

Secretariat for Innovation District Copenhagen

Kristoffer Klebak
Head of Secretariat

Innovation District Copenhagen

Jeppe Cronwald Svendsen
Principal Consultant

The City of Copenhagen

Rasmus Rask Kjær Poulsen
Innovation Consultant

The Capital Region of Denmark

Lene Rasmussen
Project Manager

Innovation District Copenhagen

Jes Andersen
Project Manager

Innovation District Copenhagen