Hiring new talent for your start-up

EIGHT tips to recruit new staff to your start-up

40,000 researchers, students and staff makes Copenhagen Science City a great place to recruit highly educated workers. Over 450 local innovative start-up and scale-up companies find most of their employees from this massive base. In order to cover additional needs, the Copenhagen Science City secretariat has entered a number of strategic partnerships with free of charge recruiting services financed by City of Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark and the Danish State.

Here are eight tips on how to attract and retain highly educated staff. Locally and globally.
Start-up communities all have company listings. Make sure you can be found there by job seekers

Be visible on your start-up community website

Copenhagen Science City start-up communities

The best staff are the ones who share your company’s outlook. Copenhagen Science City houses 20,000 students and recent graduates in Science, Healthcare and Medical Sciences. When they look for start-up jobs, they will browse your start-up community’s company listing.

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University of Copenhagen students are highly trained in the the arts and in formal, natural and social sciences.

Hire students and recent graduates

University of Copenhagen job portal

University of Copenhagen attracts international students to study programmes in Medicine, Science, Humanities and Arts. For your first academic employee, try a research collaboration or hire a student assistant to discover the value they add.

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Find global talent using Artificial Intelligence

Copenhagen Capacity

Have your jobs and company exposed to hard-to-reach, highly qualified candidates. The Greater Copenhagen Career Portal is a free-of-charge matchmaking tool. Artificial intelligence matches your open jobs to a pool of over 7,500 highly educated international candidates who want to work in Copenhagen.

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WorkInDenmark will expose your open jobs at job fairs around the world. Wherever highly educated talents go for career advice

Get exposure at international job-fairs

Work In Denmark

The best global talents can pick and choose where to work. Work In Denmark will help Danish companies find international academic- as well as skilled labour- applicants free of charge. Have your hard-to-fill positions promoted at international job-fairs by posting your jobs to the WorkInDenmark portal.

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International House in Copenhagen is a free of charge public service for international talent choosing to work or study in Copenhagen and for the companies that hire them.

Get help with the red tape

International House

When your company hires foreign talent, let International House help with permits, registration and job search for spouses. With advice on tax, day-care and schools, and with culture and leisure activities. All their services are free of charge.

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International House Spouse programme. Frre-of-charge help to hold on to international staff

Hold on to highly qualified internationals

Spouse programme

Holding on to your foreign staff members is hard if their spouse is unhappy in Denmark. Københavns Erhvervshus provides free-of-charge career programmes for accompanying spouses. Find programmes for Bachelor degree holders or higher and for spouses with lower educations or unused degrees.

Free-of-charge help with spouse retention…

Free recruiting and subsidized local employees

Business House Copenhagen

Get free-of-charge help to identify the qualifications your company should be looking for, find and screen candidates and identify subsidy programmes that lower the cost of recruiting and retaining employees. Business House Copenhagen has access to over 45.000 jobseekers in Copenhagen.

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US engineering school MIT has an internship programme, where Danish companies are subsidised to take students in for three to twelve months

Take a trainee from US engineering school MIT


Build a relationship with students from one of the best engineering schools in the world. The MIT-Denmark-programme invites Danish Companies and research institutions to host MIT students as full-time interns from 3 to 12 months across industries, regions, and organization size.

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Copenhagen Science City is home to 40,000 researchers, students and staff. Use the proximity to collaborators as a selling point when you recruit for your company.

Use your location as a recruiting argument

Copenhagen Science City

Use our Copenhagen Science City interactive map to show potential recruits that your company is located in a hot-spot of co-creating. This is what your new staff will find within an 800-meter radius:

1 University Hospital

1 University College

2 University Faculties

6 Start-Up Communities

500 Innovative Start-Up Companies

40,000 researchers, students and staff

1.000 steps to the historical centre of Copenhagen.