Recruit our students

Recruit our students

Recruit highly skilled staff and interns for all positions. Copenhagen Science City is home to managerial, scientific, creative and technical study programmes.


Internships and Projects

Fulfil your research and analysis goals in collaboration with students enrolled in programmes ranging from medicine over molecular biology to nanotechnology.
Read about internships and projects at University of Copenhagen.

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Student Assistants

Looking for highly skilled and dedicated employees? Students at the University of Copenhagen health and science programmes all have above-average computer skills, an insight into experimental design and training in analyzing large data sets. This makes them ideal for innovation companies.

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Computer Science Students

Computer scientists are in high demand. Even while still pursuing a Bachelors degree. A membership  of the Department of Computer Science’s DIKU business club gives privileged access to collaborations with students and recruitment of the computer science specialists of the future.

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Copenhagen Science City is home to a strong innovation ecosystem

Biology Students

Get in touch with the bright minds of the Biology Department at the University of Copenhagen. You can find them through their professors.

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Nursing, radiology and other practice oriented students

Test, analyze or develop health and care solutions in collaborations with one of 20.000 full- and part time students at the 21 study programmes at University College Copenhagen.

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Recruitment and career days

Currently all study programmes in Copenhagen Science City host individual matchmaking events for students and companies to meet.

UCPH Computer Science
Contact Inge Hviid Jensen +45 28 75 14 28

UCPH Health (Doctors, dentists, pharma)
Contact SUND Career day

UCPH Chemistry
Contact Vibe Drostgaard +45 22 26 80 92

UCPH Physics
Contact Søren Jønsson Granat +45 93 56 55 52

Metropolitan University College
All study programmes