Turn your research into a business

Turn your research into business

In Copenhagen Science City you have the opportunity to transform cutting-edge research into viable businesses and to get help with finding investors.



COBIS’ ambitious entrepreneur programme Accellerace has already helped more than 100 businesses and projects get ahead. Accellerace offers you the services of experienced mentors, access to attractive loans and investments, and the benefits of its extensive network.

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SCIENCE Hub offers support and advise to students with entrepreneurial dreams that wish to qualify their ideas as well as assist them in developing competences relevant to starting their own business or work with innovation and development within a given company or organisation.

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SUND Hub at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is for students, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals who want to develop a strong and innovative healthcare idea. It is a gathering place for innovative students that ensures dynamic interaction with the health service and businesses.

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The Innovation Pipeline

The Pipeline at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Science, is a one-point-entry to UCPH technology transfer, innovation activities  entrepreneurship courses, innovation seminars, workshops, support and much more for students, PhD students, post docs, clinicians and scientists. Visit The Pipeline

Industrial PhD and Postdoc programmes are a shortcut to patentable science.

Technology Transfer Office

The University of Copenhagen Technology Transfer Office handles commercialisation and protection of intellectual property rights for the University of Copenhagen. The office represents Denmark’s highest concentration of research, knowledge and innovation and works to ensure optimal conditions for collaboration between the university and all external partners.

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BioInnovation Institute

BioInnovation Institute (BII) offers entrepreneurs and researchers in life science help to bring interdisciplinary ideas to life and research to market. BII offers state-of-the-art facilities, funding opportunities, as well as partnerships and programs with technical, scientific, and commercial experts.

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