What We Do

What We Do

Innovation District Copenhagen is a world class innovation district. We work in three strategic focus areas to provide the best possible conditions for innovative researchers, students and entrepreneurs.

Copenhagen Science City works to ATTRACT companies, investment and talented people to the innovation district


High liveability and nearness to commercial and scientific collaborators makes Innovation District Copenhagen uniquely attractive to talented individuals and innovative companies.
We work together with investment promotion- and talent attraction organizations on a local, regional and national level in an effort to invite the best minds and the most valuable companies.

Copenhagen Science City works to PROMOTE innovation education and entrepreneurship

Innovation, education and entrepreneurship

Innovation District Copenhagen houses strong research capacities with extensive experience in collaborating with businesses. Sharing knowledge between researchers, students and companies promotes commercialisation of ideas.
We work together with knowledge institutions and start-up communities to identify potential synergies, increase awareness of facilities for innovation and testing and to attract and develop relevant functions for the commercialisation of knowledge.

Copenhagen Science City works to DEVELOP excellent conditions for research, education and entreprenurship

Physical framework

Innovation District Copenhagen is receiving massive investments in state-of-the-art buildings for care, research and education. The whole area is dotted with parks and attractive housing communities, and getting there and away is easy by bike, by public transport and even by private car.
We work together with local, regional and national authorities and with private investors to strengthen the area’s urban qualities and transport infrastructure and to create more space for innovative companies and other actors who can strengthen our innovation eco-system.