TestFind jobs with start-ups and scale-ups

Find jobs with start-ups and scale-ups

Getting a job in a start-up company can be a great career booster. Copenhagen Science City is home to more than 350 innovative companies, startups and scale-ups.  Find your future employer in one of Copenhagen Science City’s seven start-up communities, or look for startup jobs at websites like The Hub.

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SYMBION Science Park


With 30 years of experience in helping businesses growth, Symbion is an extremely attractive base for many start-ups and scale-ups. Look for a start-up job in one of Symbion 200 in-house companies in the field of ICT (IT), knowledge consulting, life science, media & communication or clean tech.

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COBIS, Copenhagen Bioscience Park


Some 85 of the most promising new biotech and life science companies in Denmark are located in COBIS. Highly educated, professional, and inspiring to be around – they are the heart of the innovation district, and probably the most important reason why you should consider looking for a job at COBIS.


SingularityU Denmark changes name to Nordic

SingularityU Nordic

At SingularityU Nordic’s innovation campus located in the heart of Copenhagen Science City, around 250 entrepreneurs in some 32 start-ups are working across multiple disciplines using accelerating technologies to create scalable positive impact.

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DARE2mansion is an innovation hub for startups, corporates and students who want to create positive impact. At the moment DARE2mansion houses 9 innovative startups from a broad array of industries. The key common denominator?  They all want to create positive impact.

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SCIENCE Innovation Hub

SCIENCE Innovation Hub has 30 active startup teams consisting of about 45 people. The Hub houses students from many fields of study; from sports and mathematics to political science and computer science. In the Hub you can find startups that work with everything from big data to climate challenges, food, artificial intelligence to apps and web platforms.

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SUND Hub at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is for students, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals who wants to develop strong and innovative healthcare ideas.

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Practice and Innovation House

The Practice and Innovation House is a development and test facility for health- and care companies. It gives students and researchers a unique opportunity to develop welfare technologies and work with health innovation in close collaboration with the business community.

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Symbion Matchmaking

Students and graduates from study programmes within science, health and medical sciences, healthcare and care can find start-up jobs on this job-portal specifically created by start-up community Symbion for its companies.

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