Gain access to research and facilities

Gain access to research and facilities

Copenhagen Science City offers access to inventions, investment-intensive facilities, technology and know-how that can be difficult for individual businesses to establish on their own.

Industrial PhD and Postdoc programmes are a shortcut to patentable science.

Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office handles commercialisation and protection of intellectual property rights for the University of Copenhagen and all hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark. The office represents the highest concentration of research, knowledge and innovation and works to ensure optimal conditions for collaboration between the university, the hospitals and all external partners.

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LINX Association

Seeing in microscopic or even atomic detail is an invaluable tool in modern R&D. Powerful neutron and X-ray facilities provides a deeper 3D-understanding of materials allowing novel uses. LINX Association helps industry gain access to facilities and expertise from universities.

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Students and Staff at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of SCIENCE

University of Copenhagen Knowledge transfer

University of Copenhagen has a long tradition of collaborating with industry on a number of levels. Co-create with 4,600 staff and 11,600 students at the University of Copenhagen Faculties of SCIENCE and Health and Medical Sciences.

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UCPH Nano-Science Center

University of Copenhagen facilities

University of Copenhagen Faculties of Science and of Health and Medical Sciences offers access to modern laboratories equipped with state of the art instruments. The university also houses unique databases and collections available to collaborators from academia and industry.

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Metropolitan University College. House of Practice and Innovation

University College Copenhagen

Companies as well as inventors and students from Copenhagen Science City institutions can develop and test new welfare technology in collaboration with health and care students, end-users and suppliers. University College Copenhagen’s House of Practice and Innovation features state of the art facilities.

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Rigshospitalet features a wide swath of state-of-the-art research equipment, expertise and services.
Facilities for testing medico and pharma products are available for use by external businesses and partners.

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Copenhagen Bio Science Park – COBIS – was named the world’s best biotech incubator in 2011 and is centrally located in Copenhagen Science City. COBIS offers offices, research facilities and excellent networking opportunities for life science companies.



Symbion start-up community offers modern laboratory  facilities, as well as package solutions including offices and a joint reception for start-ups and small companies in the biotech and ICT industries.

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