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B2B portal makes it easier to find start-up companies

B2B Portal for Copenhagen Science City start-ups

A new Copenhagen Science City web-portal aims to make it easy for companies to find new products, clients or collaborators in more than 350 innovative businesses based in seven local start-up communities. By Jes Andersen.

Old or new. Collaborator or investor

Whether you are an established company, wishing to find new technologies or services to integrate in your current solutions, a new company hoping to get other companies to buy or beta-test your product or an investor looking for promising prospects, a start-up company could very well fit the bill. In Copenhagen Science City 350 companies are located physically within walking distance of each other. With the new web-portal they are all now virtually a mouse click away.

Start-ups based on state-of-the-art research and scientific knowledge

Many of the start-ups located in Copenhagen Science City base their business on state-of-the-art scientific insights thanks to the location adjacent to two university faculties, a university hospital and a university college. The new B2B-portal consists of direct links to company-overviews in all seven start-up communities. This means it provides a one-stop-shop to start-ups within life science, digital health, biotechnology, medico technology, information-, communication- and food-technology and health and care.

Found their first client at the start-up community Christmas lunch

One company looking for clients and beta-testers was aime. This digital solutions start-up is developing an electronic substitute for the old-fashioned paper-based notebook still in use by most experimental scientists. Their first offices were in start-up community COBIS, and the location close to other science based start-ups proved fortunate, explains the companies CEO Johannes Beil.

Our breakthrough came at the COBIS “Julefrokost” or Christmas party. There are almost 100 innovative companies in the start-up community, and we found our first customers, two biotech companies, just by talking about our product at the party”: Johannes Beil, CEO, amie.

Pharma giant moved to get closer to start-ups

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world moved their Danish headquarters to Copenhagen Science City specifically to meet start-ups. Sanofi is a global player with over 110,000 staff, a 300-year history and an important footprint in a number of disease areas. They chose their Copenhagen location expressly because it is within walking distance of over 350 start-up companies, says their CEO.

We want to explore ideas outside our classical pharma view. For this, we are launching an open innovation project, where we hope to connect with start-ups to do co-creation. We especially see opportunities within technological areas and data generation”: Rasmus Villemoes, Country Chair, Sanofi Denmark.

Attracted massive investment for novel technology

An industry, which requires massive investments, is life science. With just one and a half years in business, Snipr Biome is a relative newcomer located in Copenhagen Science City. They are pioneering a novel use of the so-called “gene scissors” CRISPR/Cas. Their aim is to eradicate bacteria selectively and precisely. In March 2019 They landed a stunning 50 million dollar investment. Money they will need to develop technology and launch human trials.

An on-going effort to share knowledge

These, and other stories about companies needing to find start-up companies, inspired the new B2B portal. It is just one initiative in an on-going effort by the Copenhagen Science City-secretariat to help researchers, students and innovative companies share knowledge.
The B2B portal to companies in the Copenhagen Science City start-up communities joins two similar portals.