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Copenhagen Science City based biotech comet lands record investment

Copenhagen Science City located biotech company Snipr Biome lands 50 million dollar investment

Danish biotech company Snipr Biome is working towards developing medication for life threatening infectious- and autoimmune diseases. They recently landed a stunning 50 million dollar investment from the Lundbeck Foundation and three other investors. Snipr Biome is located in the innovation district Copenhagen Science City. By Jes Andersen.

Young company is leader in precision gene editing

Snipr Biome is a relative newcomer to the industry, having existed for only a year and a half. They are pioneering a novel use of the so-called “gene scissors” CRISPR/Cas technology to eradicate target bacteria selectively and precisely, while leaving the rest of the patient’s microbial community intact.

Money to develop technology and launch human trials

The proceeds of the $50 million (€43 million, DKK 320 million) financing will fund the further development of the company’s gene editing CRISPR technology platform and the company’s first human clinical trials.

Medicines for difficult-to-treat infections

According to Snipr’s co-founder & CEO, Dr. Christian Grøndahl, the company has the potential to develop valuable therapeutics within a wide range of important disease areas. They initial plan is to focus on precision medicines for difficult-to-treat infections and precision microbiome modulation in auto-immunity and cancer. To do this, they utilize the bacteria’s CRISPR/Cas immune system to selectively kill target bacteria based on specific DNA fingerprints.

New investors join current

The 50 million series A financing round was led by existing investor Lundbeckfonden Emerge (Copenhagen) and LSP (Amsterdam), together with North-East Family Office (Copenhagen) and Wellington Partners (Munich). According to Danish newspaper “Berlingske” this financing round is the largest single investment ever in Danish biotech.

Close to potential collaborators and recruits

Snipr Biome is located in Lersø Park Allé 44 which is an eight minute walk away from a host of collaboration opportunities such as the University Hospital Rigshospitalet and the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

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