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Innovation district paves the way to start-up jobs for students

Working in a start-up company can be a great career booster, especially for health and science graduates. Finding the perfect job can be hard though. Start-ups hate posting job openings. Now Copenhagen Science City has paved the way with the launch of a new webpage, providing an overview of the more than 350 businesses located in the innovation district, making the process of finding a start-up job easier.

Work with cutting edge businesses

More than 350 innovative companies, start-ups and scale-ups reside in Copenhagen Science City, many in one of seven innovation hubs. Among them, you find pioneering businesses from a broad array of industries, working in everything from information and communication technology, life science, biotech, media and communication to artificial intelligence, food science, healthcare and much more. Working for one of these start-ups means working for the most cutting edge and innovative businesses.

Boost your career

Staff in start-ups usually works in smaller teams. Everyone has a vital role for the business’ growth. This often translate into more responsibility and opportunities to try out different tasks within the company, rapid advancement as well as gaining new skills. Working in a start-up is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself, learn a lot and boost your career.

A new portal for start-up jobs

To help students find the perfect employer, Copenhagen Science City has launched a web-portal to the companies residing in the seven innovation hubs. Together with an easy overview of the innovation hubs, the site also provides a guide on how to land a job in a start-up company, making the first steps in the process of finding a start-up job much easier.

Getting a start-up job requires effort and creative thinking

Getting a job in a start-up doesn’t work the same way as getting a job in a large established company. Start-ups rarely posts job openings. But don’t let that discourage you – it doesn’t mean the company isn’t looking for new talent. You need to show how you can help their business grow though, which requires some effort and creative thinking. If you are thinking about looking for a job in a start-up company, read our guide to get some tips and tricks on how to land the dream job in a start-up.

If you want to know more about the start-ups that reside in Copenhagen Science City, keep an eye out for different career fairs in the innovation district. Many of the innovation hubs and their start-ups show up at these events.

Start your own business

If you can’t find an employer you like, but you still like the idea of working for a start-up, then start your own business. At Copenhagen Science City-partner, University of Copenhagen, two hubs, the SUND Hub at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and the SCIENCE Innovation Hub at the Faculty of Science help students pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The hubs provide shared working facilities for start-up businesses and offer assistance with business development, funding and mentoring.

If you already have a start-up, but you’re looking for students to recruit, take a look at Copenhagen Science City’s listing of matchmaking and internship-programmes.