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Succesful collaboration with PhDs


The cleantech company Aquaporin, based in Copenhagen Science City, has partnered with the University of Copenhagen to provide training for PhDs.

The collaboration between the company Aquaporin and the University of Copenhagen has paid great dividends for both parties. The university and the company plan to continue the collaboration for the foreseeable future.

The cooperation agreement provides a framework for the flexible exchange of knowledge between the parties, who benefit from each other’s facilities and results.

From research to industrial scale

Julie Bomholt, specialist in nanoscience and biotechnology, is one of the industrial doctorate students to have participated in the collaboration. She divides her days between the University of Copenhagen and Aquaporin, giving her a unique opportunity to take research results from laboratory to industrial scale.

“The collaboration with the University of Copenhagen creates synergy that evolves and spreads like ripples in water.”

Julie Bomholt, former industrial doctorate student from the University of Copenhagen at Aquaporin

Aquaporin’s success and international focus make the company an attractive workplace for the University of Copenhagen’s doctoral students and graduates. For example, Aquaporin won the 2014 European Inventor Award for its energy-efficient water purification membrane and the company has signed cooperation agreements with investment partners in locations such as Singapore and China.

Easy access to research and talent

Aquaporin’s location in Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS) has bolstered its relationship with the University of Copenhagen. The close proximity enables the parties to naturally and frequently engage in dialogue, thereby preventing misunderstandings and stagnation in their collaboration.

The partnership also gives Aquaporin access to the latest research and to highly specialised employees, such as Julie Bomholt, who was hired as the Head of Protein Processing at Aquaporin after completing her PhD.

About Aquaporin

Aquaporin is a global cleantech company dedicated to revolutionising water purification methods through industrial biotech techniques and research.

Aquaporin draws inspiration for its products from water purification processes in the human body, where membrane proteins – aquaporins – enable the body’s cells to exchange water molecules with their surroundings.
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