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Video: Professor on being a part of Copenhagen Science City

The close ties to the University of Copenhagen were a key reason that INFUSER chose to move to Copenhagen Science City.

INFUSER has developed an advanced pollution control system. The system was developed at and in close collaboration with the Centre for Atmospheric research at The University of Copenhagen. The close ties benefit all partners.

It’s good for students, because they can see how the knowledge will be used. It’s good for the company because they can recruit qualified people. So in my view the synergy could not be better between these partners.

Matthew Johnson, Founder, INFUSER

With Copenhagen Science City as its base the company has been able to do be quite competitive in the global economy.

We found that Denmark is a very good brand, and if people find out you’re from Denmark, from Scandinavia, they trust the technology that you have to sell.


INFUSER is a leading air purification company focused on pioneering novel clean-tech solutions that bridge the gap between science and industry. The team of scientists develops, produces and implements technologies for advanced pollution control.