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Copenhagen Science City’s strategy – now available in Danish

The 2018-2024 strategy for Copenhagen Science City is the foundation upon which the innovation district will stand for the coming six years. It is a great pleasure to present the strategy in Danish to the general public and local stakeholders of the district.

Versatile tool for promotion

An attractive publication named “Et innovationsdistrikt I verdensklasse” (Towards a world class innovation district) lays out the strategy, presents the Unique Selling Propositions and relates a number of case stories from the district. This makes the publication a versatile tool for anyone promoting the district or promoting themselves as its affiliates.

In use with investment attraction organisations

Along with a series of other information publications, the strategy folder is already in use with all partners and a series of investment attraction organisations such as Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark.

Strong legitimacy and investment assurance

Copenhagen Science City is an initiative backed by state- regional- and city administrations. By three research- and education-institutions and by local start-up communities. This gives the innovation district strong legitimacy and assures continued development and investment.

Freely available material

The material is of course available to anyone who wishes to promote Denmark, Copenhagen and Copenhagen Science City as a great place for co-locating, co-creating and connecting investors to inventors.
Order your high quality copies or download the strategy in Danish or English here: