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Copenhagen Science City reaches SoMe milestone

Copenhagen Science City when we got 2001 followers on LinkedIn

Two thousand followers on LinkedIn … And so what. Social Media comments, likes and follows do not pay the rent. Nonetheless, the Copenhagen Science City team was overjoyed to welcome follower number 2,000 on March 4th 2021. They saw the milestone number of followers as a validation of a long-term strategy to increase the visibility of the opportunities available in the innovation district.

Why we are on LinkedIn in the first place

Copenhagen Science City is an innovation district in the heart of the Danish capital. Here, three research and educational institutions have joined forces with the City of Copenhagen to attract high value jobs and highly educated individuals to fill the jobs, says the head of the innovation district secretariat.

This 800-metre radius area has a lot to offer to entrepreneurs, start-ups and R&D departments. The Copenhagen Science City LinkedIn profile provides a handy one-stop shopping-window for highlighting opportunities offered by all the partners. We see our LinkedIn profile as a service. Not just to talent, investors and entrepreneurs, but also to our partners who wish to reach these audiences”, Kristoffer Klebak, Head of Secretariat, Copenhagen Science City.

What we post to be interesting

In order to stay top-of-mind with collaborators as well as the target audience, the Copenhagen Science City team decided to post relevant news as often as possible. The posts can be about events, funding opportunities, case competitions, networking opportunities, research results or simply news from the area. It just needs to be relevant and exciting for researchers and students who are interested in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs who are interested in co-creating valuable new products and services based on hard science insights.

What we get out of LinkedIn

Postings at the profile have enjoyed a steady 100,000 exposures per year despite changes for the worse in the algorithms governing the reach of individual postings on LinkedIn. This activity is based on little more than one hour of work per week, so one hour of work equals out to just under 2,000 exposures. Combined with the fact that Copenhagen Science City has never spent money to advertise on the channel, this has been a very satisfactory return on investment.

Profile of followers

LinkedIn is often described as Facebook for grown-ups. Although many use the platform for job searching, professionals of all ages also use it as a media to keep abreast of developments in the world of business. For the past few years, Copenhagen Science City has tried hard to make its LinkedIn-profile the go-to place for anyone starting a deep-tech business or wanting to join one. The numbers seem to indicate success with this mission. Sixty-three percent of the innovation district’s followers self-describe as owners, partners, managers and holders of various c-suite positions. The rest as students, teachers and researchers.

Why we post other peoples’ events and news

The primary aim of the Copenhagen Science City Linkedin profile is, of course, to promote the districts own news, views and events, but the district has powerful collaborators. Attracting investors, entrepreneurs and talents is a national concern, so Copenhagen Science City has formal and informal collaboration agreements with national and regional agents such as InvestinDenmark, WorkInDenmark and Copenhagen Capacity. These organisations are a valuable source of news about Denmark’s unique selling propositions, research ripe for commercialisation, events for start-up founders and other relevant material. Copenhagen Science City has found great value in acting as a conduit from these organisations to its own followers. On the other hand, partners and collaborators will also post news and events from Copenhagen Science City, expanding the reach of these.


Oh… And thank you to the 2000 followers who have been with us for a while.
We hope you will find our postings useful, and perhaps will tell your friends.