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An ABC for the deeptech business beginner

Startup ABC. A checklist for deeptech founders and other start-up beginners

Start-ups based on recent research have potential to solve some of the hardest challenges in the world. Unfortunately, researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics get very little training in business. Now, Copenhagen Science City has collected information about all the basic steps that all start-ups need to go through regardless of business area. The new site hopes to be a checklist for the business beginner.

A and B is obvious. C less so

Founders of a start-up need to figure out what they want to sell, and who will buy it. That is A and B of the start-up alphabet. Everything else is secondary, but a good solid contender for C is team. Figuring out which people, which skills and which personality types you need on the start-up team is crucial once you have decided on your business model.

All the nitty gritty you never find in start-up books

Only once you have decided on product, customer and team can you start thinking about all the mechanics. Steps like deciding on a name, buying an internet domain, finding a bank and registering your company each comes with its own set of considerations. All or most of these are listed in the start-up ABC.

Free services for entrepreneurs are plentiful

Denmark is one of the best places in the world to build a start-up. There are a number of reasons for this. One reason is, that founders can find free-of-charge information and advice for almost every step of the way from brainwave to unicorn. Of course, Denmark also features for-a-fee services. The Copenhagen Science City start-up ABC lists only the free options.

First one-stop-shop for the business beginner

All of the information in the new start-up ABC is available elsewhere. Sites such as the Danish Business Authority’s “” has handy information about incorporation, registering for VAT-payments and similar technical steps, but has nothing about choosing a name and a bank or building a website and a team. has some of this information, but is only available in Danish. Copenhagen Science City decided to create the site, The Start-up ABC, because no-one had taken the trouble to collect all the relevant information in one place, and in English for non-Danish researchers, students and potential founders.

Input welcome

The Copenhagen Science City start-up ABC hopes to provide everything you need to know to start your start-up. Anyone who has additional input is heartily welcome. Mail your suggestions and start-up input to communication advisor Jes Andersen.