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Virtual welcome for international citizens

International Citizen Day 2020- a virtual welcome to expats in Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen celebrates its expat residents every year with an International Citizens Day. 2020 was to be no exception, but due to the global pandemic, the format was forced to change. From jam-packed physical marketplace to information intensive on-line forum during three days of September. Copenhagen Science City was there, to share tips on finding start-up jobs.

Shows, chatrooms and webinars

On-line events can be a bit overwhelming. To avoid overpowering visitors, the City chose to distribute International Citizens Day 2020 over three themed days. One on culture and leisure, one on housing and one on jobs and career. Each day featured a streamed stage-show, a number of chat rooms and a number of webinars handled by various service providers and non-profit actors. All in all some 2,500 visitors joined the virtual event

Deep insights converted to actionable tips

Copenhagen Science City contributed to the event with tips and tricks on finding jobs with start-up companies. These are tips collected from founders, mentors, accelerator programmes and others start-up connoisseurs, who have deep insight in how start-up hiring differs from the way more mature companies recruit new staff. Over eight webinars of fifteen minutes each, Copenhagen Science City shared its insights with some 50 visitors from around the globe.

The start-up job tips include

  • Where to find start-up companies
  • When to approach them for a job
  • What to tell them, to persuade them to hire you.

Webinars will be permanent ressource

Copenhagen Science City participated with the webinars in order to achieve its stated mission of attracting and retaining talented individuals from abroad. The webinars by various actors are currently being edited. In future years, the city plans to host these on the International Citizen Days website, as a permanent resource for new arrivals in Copenhagen.