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Technology Transfer prize goes to Copenhagen Science City partner and spinout

Ferdinand Kuemmeth Rikke Lütge Jan Oeschle Karen Laigaard Niels Bohr Institute QDevil Technology Transfer Copenhagen

INNOVATION: The international “Technology Transfer Prize” is issued by the German Physical Society, which is one of the oldest and largest in the world. This year, their prize goes to the Technology Transfer Office of Copenhagen Science City partner, University of Copenhagen, and the quantum technology company QDevil that is a spinout from the university’s Niels Bohr Institute.

Start-up journey assisted by university

The quantum tech company was founded in 2016 by Prof. Ferdinand Kuemmeth and Dr. Jonatan Kutchinsky of University of Copenhagen. The prize is shared by QDevil, Niels Bohr Institute and University of Copenhagen Tech Transfer Office because the companys’ journey from lab research at the Niels Bohr Institute to market success was made possible through effective technology transfer by the University of Copenhagen’s Tech Transfer Office. The collaboration turned QDevil’s innovations into globally available products, attracting substantial public and private funding.

QDevil’s products have significantly advanced the capabilities of research groups and quantum industries around the world. Their efforts could make groundbreaking quantum computing technologies accessible to the wider public via a licensing deal with the University of Copenhagen. This is the entire point of technology transfer”: Karen Laigaard, Head of Technology Transfer, Tech Transfer Office, University of Copenhagen.

Explosive growth

QDevil has successfully launched two quantum tech products based on University of Copenhagen research. Their customers include private companies, national research institutions and academic quantum labs. Founded in 2016, QDevil has already managed to rack up sales worth several million euros per year. By 2022 it had grown to over 30 employees before attracting its first private investment.

World leading quantum devices

QDevil is located with Copenhagen Science City-partner Symbion start-up community. They are currently marketing two devices. QBoard and QDAC. QBoard is a smart device that connects quantum processors with control signals at freezing temperatures, while QDAC allows precise tuning of multiple quantum processors simultaneously. With over 100 customers in 20 countries, QDevil has become a go-to provider for top-notch quantum control solutions.

Worlds best funded quantum startup

In 2022, QDevil’s success story took a giant leap as it partnered with the company Quantum Machines. This collaboration turned them into one of the biggest and best-funded startups globally, focusing on quantum-control solutions.

The award will be presented in Jena, Germany, at the 2023 Forum: Wissens- und Technologietransfer im Dialog.