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Greater Copenhagen to become global life science hotspot

Life Science Lighthouse is an 80 million DKK initiative to transform Copenhagen into a global showcase for novel health- and care solutions

Bad health is big business. Whether in prevention, diagnosis or cure, the potential for jobs and profit is huge in the life science industry. This is why the Danish Government recently announced a plan to support public-private-partnerships in the health and care-sector of the greater Copenhagen area. The initiative “Business lighthouse Life Science” will initially focus on obesity. Of special interest to start-ups, digital solutions will be in demand.

International showcase for health- and care solutions

The aim of the lighthouse project is to make Copenhagen an international showcase for novel health- and care solutions. The initiative is funded with an 80 million DKK investment from the Danish Board of Business Development. According to one estimate, the new co-creation model in the Lighthouse project could add as much as 27 billion DKK to the turnover of businesses in the project.

Strong tradition for collaboration

The Capital Region of Denmark is internationally known for its thriving life science scene. Its health and care sector has a strong tradition for collaborating with research institutions, start-ups and corporates as well as public authorities. For the new lighthouse project, the entire innovation ecosystem in Copenhagen have pledged to collaborate. This includes Copenhagen Science City-partners University of Copenhagen, University Hospital Rigshospitalet, University College Copenhagen (Københavns Professionshøjskole), City of Copenhagen and Capital Region of Denmark. To connect the many stakeholders the Copenhagen Science City-located Danish Life Science Cluster faces a special task.

There can be no doubt that we need strong partnerships and strong collaborations to face health challenges. We look forward to supporting a flow of knowledge from research institutions to ensure the growth of commercial partners. Our goal is to create sustainable health solutions that will ultimately benefit citizens as well as businesses and the health sector”: Diana Arsovic Nielsen, CEO, Danish Life Science Cluster.

Six focal points. Three with commercial potential

The initial drive to battle obesity includes six focal points, where at least the first three could be of interest to tech-start-ups:

  1. Prevent obesity among school age children using digital solutions.
  2. Use health technology to inspire a healthier life.
  3. Find more people who are at risk of developing severe obesity.
  4. Help people with severe obesity with health checks and health advice.
  5. Helping unemployed with severe obesity back into the labor market.
  6. Assist in innovative, holistic and interdisciplinary treatment of severe obesity in hospitals.

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