IT Career fair X University of Copenhagen
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The annual University of Copenhagen, Department of Computer Science, career fair is your chance to meet computer savvy students at bachelor, Masters and PhD-level. The career fair does not only feature students of computer science but also invites University of Copenhagen students from other computationally intensive study programmes, such as physics, chemistry, public health and many more.


A unique opportunity to chat about career and job opportunities, student jobs and projects. Companies can meet the students on their home ground and create contact with potential employees, while students can meet potential employers. Learn more and sign up here…


May 6th. 2022, 13:00-18:30


HCØ, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen


Start-ups, scale-ups and mature companies in search of staff, trainees or interns with unbeatable skills in programming, systems architecture, data wrangling and all other computer skills.

Please note. Attending companies have to be members of DIKU Business Club. ARE YOU NOT A MEMBER OF DIKU BUSINESS CLUB? Find more information and sign up here…