Digital green business development X UCPH Dept of Computer Science
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Gain insight into recent research initiatives at the intersection of computer science and the green transition. Meet selected University of Copenhagen computer science researchers as well as a representative of the newly established University of Copenhagen “Green Solution Centre” and the AI based anti-food-waste company “Too Good To Go”.


A DIKU Business Club- Members Only-event. Hear about green uses for tech such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Learn more, get your membership of DIKU Business Club and sign up, here…


University of Copenhagen Dept of Computer Science is a Copenhagen Science City-partner and a global leader in several branches of computer science and Artificial Intelligence. UCPH Green Solution Centre is a cross-disciplinary effort to create genuine, durable and research-based solutions in close collaboration with private and public institutions, NGO’s and students. Too Good To Go is in the market with an app-based solution to connect consumers with shops looking to sell food close to the sell-by-date at reduced prices.


KUB Nord (the University Library) Corner of Nørre Alle and Tagensvej, 2200 Cph N


March 31st. 2022, 13.00-17.30


Companies hoping to develop green and sustainable solutions. Please note, that you must be a member of DIKU Business Club to attend. Not a member yet? Click here…