Applied Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis X UCPH Summer School
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From 14-08-23 to 18-08-23

Machine Learning is entering essentially all data-based fields. It is a new approach to problem solving and the ability to analyze and combine large amounts of data from different sources has obvious applications. This course will bring you to the forefront of the field of applied machine learning by introducing you to the newest tools and methods in large-scale data analysis based on cutting-edge research and extensive experience.


A 3 ECTS professional master course on Machine Learning and Big Data provided by the University of Copenhagen Summer School. Learn more and sign up here, no later than 31st May…


Monday 14th August 2023 09.00 -Friday 18th May 16.30


University of Copenhagen, South Campus, Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76
DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark


A prerequisite is that you have a background in statistics and/or conventional data analysis. This course assumes you have studied to at least Bachelor degree level and/or have several years of data analysis experience.