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Danish Government aims to fund quantum research and commercialisation to the tune of one million DKK. Copenhagen Science City hopes to benefit from this massive investment.

The Danish government has launched a new strategy for quantum research and innovation. The strategy seeks to maintain a long-term focus on quantum research and innovation, ensuring that Denmark stays at the forefront and plays a pivotal role in the future of quantum technology. As the world moves closer to a quantum future, Denmark’s commitment to take the lead makes it an ideal choice for foreign companies looking to invest and collaborate in quantum technologies.

Two part strategy

The new quantum research and innovation strategy is the first part of Denmark’s National Strategy for Quantum Technology, which will be followed by a second part focusing on commercialization and talent in the fall. For Copenhagen Science City this is promising news.

Our innovation district in the heart of the Danish capital is already a global hotspot for quantum research. The Governments’ commitment is an important step towards remaining at the front. We hope to see even more researchers, students, companies and business development actors joining the existing quantum eco-system. An increase in available office space for deep-tech companies would also be welcome”: Kristoffer Klebak, Head of Secretariat, Copenhagen Science City

Ensuring a leading position for Denmark

With the strategy, the Danish government intends to spend a billion DKK to strengthen quantum research and innovation over the next five years. It is designed to ensure that Denmark maintains a leading position within international quantum research and convert this cutting-edge research into novel quantum technology solutions that tackle global challenges.

Research and knowledge based innovation

As part of the strategy, a new program for quantum research and innovation is being established. The program aims to support new research and knowledge-based innovation emphasizing interdisciplinary projects, talent development, and strong Danish participation in international collaborations. The strategy also includes investments in improved access to digital infrastructure for Danish researchers, including quantum computers and increased focus on Danish involvement in quantum software development. Moreover, a National Quantum Technology Forum is being established to support broad collaboration among key players in the quantum field.

We have high ambitions for the development and application of quantum technology in Denmark. Danish quantum research is already at the forefront of the international elite and enjoys great recognition. However, to keep up with developments and stay competitive in a growing global race for talent, investments, and knowledge, we need to make an extra effort. This is particularly the case because of the security challenges posed by quantum technology. With this strategy and billion DKK investment, we are creating a favorable environment for the development and application of quantum technology in Denmark, raising Denmark’s visibility and engagement in the quantum field”: Christina Egelund, Minister for Higher Education and Science

Global hotspot for research, commercialisation and education in quantum tech

Denmark is committed to build upon its strong legacy from the groundbreaking work of Niels Bohr, the Danish Nobel Prize laureate and founding father of quantum theory. Last year, Denmark was selected as host country for the new NATO Center for Quantum technologies, and the Novo Nordisk foundation announced a 1.5 billion DKK investment towards the development of a fully functional quantum computer. Meanwhile University of Copenhagen has accepted the first students into its MSc programme in Quantum Information Science.

Possibly the best place to launch or scale your innovation based business

Denmark’s strong quantum ecosystem, combined with the new strategy, makes it an ideal destination for foreign companies looking to invest and establish R&D partnerships within quantum technologies.

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