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Copenhagen Science City welcomes new hospital CEO into leadership

Rasmus Møgelvang, CEO, Rigshospitalet.

Copenhagen Science City works to create ideal conditions for innovative companies and academics with entrepreneurial ambitions. All initiatives in the innovation district are launched by the “Development Council” its informal board of directors. This council now welcomes Rasmus Møgelvang who is the new CEO for university hospital Rigshospitalet.

Founding member. New leader

Møgelvang replaces Per Christiansen who retired at the end of 2022 after eight years in the position. Møgelvang is a cardiologist with extensive leadership experience. His last position before this was as deputy director at the hospital. Rigshospitalet is a founding member of the innovation district Copenhagen Science City, and the development council chairman looks forward to working with the new council member.’

Rigshospitalet has embraced our joint initiatives from day one. Their strong focus on innovation within the health sector has been and remains a crucial driver in our ambitions to create a world class innovation district”: David Dreyer, Chairman, Copenhagen Science City development council and prorector University of Copenhagen.

Need for more industry collaboration

Over the last several years, Rigshospitalet has developed facilities where industry and staff can co-create and test new solutions for the health- and care sector. It also houses “best in class” facilities for clinical trials within cancer medication for adults as well as children. The new CEO sees a need for even more industry collaboration.

In the hospital sector we see an increasing need to collaborate with industry. The number of patients will rise. The number of new therapies rises too. We need technological solutions and a lot of the expertise we need can be found at universities and in industry”: Rasmus Møgelvang, CEO, Rigshospitalet.

Value within walking distance

As a matter of course, a world class research hospital like Rigshospitalet will look for partners globally. None the less Møgelvang sees an especial value in the many innovation actors found within walking distance. Copenhagen Science City has 450 innovative start-ups, ten incubation- and acceleration programmes and several world class research communities within a ten-minute walk.

Our continued commitment in the innovation district ensures, that the external conditions for our collaborative efforts remain second-to-none”: Rasmus Møgelvang, CEO, Rigshospitalet.

High level forum

Møgelvang is joining a development council where all Copenhagen Science City partners are represented at the highest level.

  • From University of Copenhagen, Prorector David Dreyer Lassen.
  • From University College Copenhagen, Vice Chancellor Stefan Hermann.
  • From University Hospital Rigshospitalet, CEO Rasmus Møgelvang.
  • From start-up communities Symbion and COBIS, CEO PeterTorstensen .
  • From Danish Building and Property Agency, Deputy Director Kristian Lyk-Jensen.
  • From pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, Chief Scientific Advisor Peter Kurzhals.
  • From University of Copenhagen, Head of Secretariat, Kristoffer Klebak

Attraction, collaboration, and urban development

Copenhagen Science City is a two square kilometre area in the heart of the Danish capital. Here, the University of Copenhagen, the University Hospital Rigshospitalet and the University College Copenhagen are working with external partners to create a world class innovation district.
The main activities of Copenhagen Science City are:

  • Attracting and retaining companies, investors and talent.
  • Strengthening collaboration between innovation ecosystem actors.
  • Urban development such as improving transport infrastructure.