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Copenhagen Science City Secretariat moves to Green Lighthouse

Photo: Adam Mørk

The Secretariat of Copenhagen Science City is now advocating co-location, co-creation and connecting inventors to investors from the landmark building “Green Lighthouse” located in the heart of the innovation district.

Opportunities for inventors and investors

The role of the secretariat is to locate and promote opportunities for co-creation between companies and institutions within the district, to assist Danish and international companies who are looking to co-locate with the 40,000 researchers, students and staff already in the area and to provide information to investment promotion actors about opportunities in the neighbourhood.

800 meters of world class

Copenhagen Science City aims to become a world-class innovation district and it is well on the way to success. In the district, the University hospital Rigshospitalet, University College Copenhagen and the faculties of Science and Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen co-locate with seven start-up communities and 350 innovative businesses within an 800 meter radius.

Barrel shaped sustainability

With its barrel shape, Green Lighthouse is architecturally stunning. Completed in 2009 it was the first public CO2 neutral building in Denmark. Solar panels provide its electricity while heat pumps, solar heating, geothermal and district heating ensure sustainable heating and cooling. See a film about the building here.

Central location for network organization

Green Lighthouse is highly presentable and visually striking. This makes it an excellent position for an organisation dedicated to networking and promoting the qualities of the area.

Sharing space with Tech Transfer Office

The Secretariat shares the building with the University of Copenhagen Tech Transfer Office which manages all the university’s agreements concerning intellectual property rights.