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Testing pills and healthcare equipment just became easier in Denmark

Trial Nation is a one-stop-shop for companies wishing to carry out clinical trials in Denmark. In Copenhagen Science City it provides access to clinics at University Hospital Rigshospitalet.

A new institution, Trial Nation, now offers a single, national entry point for life science companies, patient organisations and clinical researchers wishing to sponsor, participate in, and conduct clinical trials in Denmark. In Copenhagen Science City, this means that access to our partner-organisation Rigshospitalet has become a lot simpler. By Jes Andersen.

Health data and strong clinics

For companies, this new, free of charge service should prove a valuable asset. Denmark is famous for its strong position in health data and for several leading clinics performing trials, and the aim of Trial Nation is to make it easier and more attractive for international companies to conduct clinical trials in Denmark.

State-of-art treatment

The single point of entry is a joint initiative launched by Danish Regions,  the Ministry for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs  the Ministry of Health and a number of Danish life science companies. By attracting trials to Denmark, these stakeholders hope continuously to provide patients at Danish healthcare facilities with state-of-the-art treatments.

Two world class clinics for trials within oncology

The one-stop-shop opens doors to labs and clinics throughout Denmark. In Copenhagen Science City, it will become the preferred point of entry to trial clinics at University hospital Rigshospitalet such as the Phase 1 Unit and the “New Medicine for Children With Cancer” unit.


The unit for children with cancer is one of just 21 centres in Europe accredited by the organization Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer to carry out phase one trials with medication for children.

Oncology and haematology

The Phase 1 Unit is an internationally recognised centre for early, experimental cancer treatment not only within oncology but also within haematology. The unit is one of a few in the world to offer a full genomic profile for all patients referred, in order to direct the right patient to the right trial. Staff at the unit is dedicated to managing early phase studies. This is important because these studies are very resource intensive.

47 million DKK investments

Untill 2023 the Danish Regions will invest some 47 million DKK in Trial Nation. The investment will go towards operating existing centres for clinical trials, for establishing new ones and for hiring clinical staff to perform the trials.

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