Turn your idea into a business

Turn your idea into a business

Start a business, join a start-up or find funding, courses and networking opportunities. Students aiming to become entrepreneurs enjoy a range of benefits and extensive start-up assistance in Copenhagen Science City. Read more here to discover which benefits and assistance programmes match your needs.


University of Copenhagen offers courses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship based on a strong scientific foundation.

Courses on innovation

A range of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship are on offer at the University of Copenhagen for students enrolled in B-Sc., M.Sc. and PHD- programmes.

Visit the UCPH I&E course website

SCIENCE Innovation Hub

SCIENCE Innovation Hub offers support and advice to students with entrepreneurial dreams. Get help to develop your idea, identify your customers, locate investors and attract funding. Learn the skills you need to start your own business or to work with innovation and development in a company or organisation. Visit SCIENCE Innovation Hub

LIGHTHOUSE Tagensvej 16A


Lighthouse is a University of Copenhagen Innovation Center. It aims to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship at all six University of Copenhagen faculties, and to create a focal point for students, researchers and external collaborators who wish to co-create across disciplines. Learn more here…

REBBLS Bioentrepreneurship


REBBLS, Rising Entrepreneurs in Bio Business and Life Science, is a network connecting the most dedicated, talented and ambitious bioentrepreneurs in Denmark. Their aim is to inspire young researchers and to strengthen entrepreneurship in biotech and life science.



Synapse – Life Science Connect, is a student-driven, non-profit organization in the Copenhagen Area that creates events, workshops, and networking opportunities for students and young professionals in order to bridge the gap between academia and the life science industry for a more fluent transition from student to professional.

Visit Synapse here

The Hub

Get your work-experience in a start-up company. Entrepreneurial businesses in the Nordic countries, post internships and full time- part time- and student jobs on this site.

Visit The Hub here

The Micro Grant Programme

Funding a student start-up is hard. When you’ve spent your loan, your friends are broke, and your parents have given you all they could. Try sending an application to the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurships micro grant programme.

Visit the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship here

BioInnovation Institute

BioInnovation Institute (BII) offers entrepreneurs and researchers in life science help to bring interdisciplinary ideas to life and research to market. BII offers state-of-the-art facilities, funding opportunities, as well as partnerships and programs with technical, scientific, and commercial experts.

Visit BioInnovation Institute