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The first ever SingularityU Summit in Scandinavia sold out

More than 1000 leaders, doers and thinkers explored exponential technologies and sneak peeked into the future in the Copenhagen Opera House when World leading experts took the stage at the first ever SingularityU Denmark Summit.

Trying to keep up with developments in technology is hard enough, when you just look at what has happened. Looking into the future seems impossible in a time of accelerating technological change. Nonetheless one thousand corporate, legislative and entrepreneurial leaders flocked to a sold out event at the Opera house in Copenhagen on October 23rd and 24th to hear more than fifty speakers unfolding the future of tech, at the first ever SingularityU Denmark-Summit.

Shaping the future by presenting technology

Over two days the many guests had a chance to meet specialists in science, technology, business, and politics. All of them exploring the consequences of developments in the near future. From artificial intelligence over cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity to ethics and impact. Analisa Winther, who is (the Director of Entrepreneurship & Community at SingularityU Denmark hopes that this information will empower individuals as well as organisations.

“We want to inspire people to positively shape the future by opening up conversations. By sharing with people the possible positive and negative impact the technologies can have, we hope to give them a toolbox to make better decisions in their own lives and businesses”

Exponential technologies explained

SingularityU Denmark is the Danish division of an American think-tank and educational institution specializing in so-called exponential technologies. These are the fields where development is accelerated by the increasing power of computers. They include artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, biotechnology and nano-technology.

Planning to cater to leaders of future

While the coordinators of the event are still reeling from the success of this year’s summit, they are already planning for the next one. In 2018 they take on Stockholm on Oct 25th and 26th. The first tickets are already sold and until Nov. 12th the super early bird price is 60% off.
In addition to the more executive level summit in Stockholm the organizors are also planning a Student Summit where they are bringing together thousands of students across the Nordics to also explore how to leverage technology to sole some of the biggest problems. This will take place in Copenhagen in 2018, says Analisa Winther.

“We need more people who are prepared to transform the future. That’s why we’re also engaging the students. They’re the leaders of the future” Says Winther.