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Seven tips to recruit highly educated international talent to your start-up

Seven tips to attract highly educated international talent to your start-up company

Forty thousand researchers, students and staff makes Copenhagen Science City a great place to recruit highly educated workers. Over 350 local innovative start-up and scale-up companies find employees in this massive base. In order to cover additional needs, the Copenhagen Science City secretariat has entered a number of strategic partnerships with talent attraction actors. By Jes Andersen.

Here are seven tips on how to attract and retain highly educated staff from abroad

Copenhagen Science City start-up communities

1. Be found on your start-up community website

The best staff are the ones who share your company’s outlook. Copenhagen Science City houses 20,000 students and recent graduates in Science, Healthcare and Medical Sciences educational programmes.
When they look for start-up jobs, they will browse the website of your start-up community. To attract recruits who share your ideals, update your company description.
If your passion shines through, potential applicants can establish what type of staff you hope to attract.

University of Copenhagen

2. Find students and recent graduates at the University of Copenhagen job portal

University of Copenhagen attracts international students to their study programmes in the arts and in formal, natural and social sciences.
Post a job to the portal “UCPH-Projects and jobs”, to attract students and recent graduates with highly relevant educations for almost all posts in your company.
If your company has never hired an academic before, you could embark on a research collaboration or hire a student assistant to see the value they will add.

Copenhagen Capacity

3. Be matched by Artificial Intelligence to International talent

Copenhagen is an attractive city, and many talents are actively searching for a job here. Find future staff by posting your job to the Greater Copenhagen Career Portal. This free-of-charge matchmaking tool has built up a pool of over 7,500 highly educated candidates from all over the world.
An artificial intelligence solution matches companies to qualified international candidates who want to pursue a career in Greater Copenhagen.
When not actively matchmaking, the portal ensures ongoing exposure to candidates who are hard to reach through traditional recruitment channels


4. Get exposure at international job-fairs

The most attractive international talents can pick and choose between countries and cities.
WorkInDenmark will help Danish companies find highly qualified international candidates free of charge. Have your hard-to-fill positions promoted at international job-fairs by posting your jobs to the WorkInDenmark portal for the highly educated.

International House

5. Get help with the red tape

Perhaps your company found the perfect match through your own network. Now you can get help with everything from visa and health insurance over day-care, schools and job-hunting for spouses, to tax guidance and leisure activities for your new international staff member. International House is the one stop shop for everyone who wants to become a Copenhagener. No matter whether your company is small or large, all their services are free of charge.


6. Take a trainee from the best engineering school in the world

Engineers are in high demand everywhere. Especially in start-up companies. Particularly the ones trained at world leading US institution MIT. MIT-Denmark is a programme, where Danish Companies and research institutions have the opportunity to host MIT students as full-time interns from 3 to 12 months across industries, regions, and organization size.

Copenhagen Science City

7. Use your location as a recruiting argument

Tell your potential hires that your company is located in Copenhagen Science City. Highly educated millennials are less than enthusiastic about companies located in the middle of no-where. Your innovation district is an 800-meter radius area housing:

  • 1 University Hospital
  • 1 University College
  • 2 University Faculties
  • 7 Start-Up Communities
  • 350 Innovative Start-Up Companies
  • 40,000 researchers, students and staff

All within walking distance of the historical centre of the Danish capital Copenhagen.
We invite you to use the Copenhagen Science City interactive map as an active recruitment tool.