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Quantum investors set up shop in innovation district

Quantumhagen news_Quantum specialist investors Quantum Exponential Group, a United Kingdom-based company have decided to establish their European headquarters in Copenhagen Science City

Quantum Exponential Group, a United Kingdom-based company focused on investing in quantum technology,  announced in October 2023 that they will set up a European headquarters in Copenhagen Science City. This adds significantly to an already thriving innovation ecosystem within the sphere of quantum science.

Joining quantum tech incubator

According to a press release issued by the company, it will situate the headquarters together with the recently opened quantum tech incubator programme Deep Tech Lab Quantum. This is a commercialization unit for the Danish NATO Centre for Quantum Technology and is part of NATO’s Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). Their location is just up the road from the recently founded Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme at the internationally acclaimed Niels Bohr Institute at University of Copenhagen. All are located within the innovation district Copenhagen Science City.

As Denmark is quickly developing into a prominent stakeholder in the global quantum ecosystem, we are truly looking forward to working closely with its quantum community. We believe that establishing a European headquarters will not only create innovative opportunities within the investment space but also help to accelerate the progress that has already been made”: Steve Metcalfe, CEO, Quantum Exponential Group.

A perfect intersection for incubating next generation quantum tech

Denmark is swiftly emerging as a key player in the worldwide quantum landscape with a strong quantum ecosystem. Quantum Exponential views this as an opportunity to grow and support investments. Not just in Denmark, but also in the broader European quantum ecosystem.

There is a lot of momentum happening in the quantum space right now in Denmark. Copenhagen is becoming a perfect intersection for incubating the next generation of quantum technology which will help shape verticals such as medical, smart infrastructure, defence, and navigation. We are very excited to support this next evolution”: Stuart Woods, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, Quantum Exponential Group.

Hope to see growth companies evolving in Denmark

According to a Financial Times analysis, Quantum Exponential intends to identify different investment opportunities in the quantum sector, focusing on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allied countries. These include quantum communications, quantum sensing, quantum metrology and quantum computing software and components.

Our partner, University of Copenhagen, has long been at the forefront of fundamental research in quantum phenomena. This now allows Copenhagen to take centre stage in endeavors to commercialize these insights. We welcome Quantum Exponential, and hope to see many new growth companies evolve in Denmark with their assistance”: Kristoffer Klebak, Head of secretariat, Copenhagen Science City.

A thriving quantum community within an 800 meter radius

University of Copenhagen has been a global centre for quantum research since 1921 when physicist Niels Bohr leveraged a Nobel Prize into funding for an institute bearing his name. More recently, several other initiatives have co-located in Copenhagen Science City in order to build on the districts’ thriving quantum community.