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Quantum centres and supercomputers are hot in the business world

Lars Seier Christensen invests in Sparrow Quantum. From left to right Søren Stoppe, Lars Seier Christensen, Robert Krarup Feidenhans'l and Peter Lodahl. Photo: Ola Jakub Joensen

Lars Seier Christensen recently invested more than DKK 10 million in Sparrow Quantum, a company that builds on groundbreaking research in quantum technology conducted at the Niels Bohr Insitute.

In April, Innovation Fund Denmark made a historic DKK 80m investment in a new Danish centre for quantum technology. Former Saxo Bank CEO Lars Seier Christensen is now following suit by investing more than DKK 10m in the company Sparrow Quantum.

“I’m not the least in doubt that, although this is a very risky investment, it also holds the potential to become huge,” said Lars Seier Christensen to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Sparrow Quantum was founded by two researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen Science City, Peter Lodahl and Søren Stobbe. They are currently working on a chip that can prove to be the essential component in the quest to build a quantum computer.

“We are working to create a quantum internet that can be used to perform gigantic calculations of large and complex problems that normal computers lack the processing power to solve,” said Professor Peter Lodahl from the Niels Bohr Institute in a press release from Innovation Fund Denmark.

Strong interest from the business world
Lars Seier Christensen is far from the only person in the business world keeping an eye on the development of quantum technology. There has already been strong interest in the new centre for quantum technology, says Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education Ulla Tørnæs.

The research in quantum technology holds a wide range of potential. With the new centres, we are creating a basis for strengthening Danish research in the field. A number of Danish and foreign companies declared their interest from the very start of the centre. So it’s good for both Danish research and Danish businesses. I’m really looking forward to following the centre’s work in the future.

Sparrow Quantum Technology

Sparrow Quantum Technology is a privately owned quantum-technology company developing and commercializing quantum devices for the quantum-computing and quantumencrypting markets. The company is a spin-out from the Nils Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University and is currently looking for new qualified employees.

Visit Sparrow Quantum

Hear Professor Peter Lodahl explain the potential of quantum technology: