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New service to ease the way for businesses built on new models

New public service should ease the introduction of new business models in Denmark

Is your start-up based on a new business model? Is it legal? Should it be? Now you can find answers to these and many other questions with a free of charge one-stop-shop for all questions related to new business models. The service is particularly relevant for start-ups developing solutions for a circular or sharing economy, for e-commerce and for products and services based on data or new technology.

Untangling rules for a speedy road to market

The new service: “One Stop Shop for New Business Models” is hosted by the Danish Business Authority. Their main aim is to help novel businesses untangle the rules so their ideas can go to market quickly. Find their new homepage in English here… 

Many authorities, one answer

Figuring out whether new business models are legal or not can be a struggle because a single business idea may be governed by rules from several different authorities. Each of these may require their own authorisations, approvals and validations. The One Stop Shop will check with all relevant authorities and then coordinate an answer about current regulation. They might even try to change the rules in your favour.

Change the rules, not the business

When regulations in Denmark are not favourable for a new way of doing business, the one-stop-shop will analyse the rules of neighbouring countries. The aim is to investigate the possibility of changing existing Danish rules. Queries can be based on questions from entrepreneurs, but the Danish Business Authority can also investigate regulations on their own initiative.

Anyone can ask

All companies and entrepreneurs working with new business models or new technology are allowed to ask questions if they are not sure about the existing rules and legislation. All information about individual companies remains strictly confidential. The one-stop-shop aims to answer all questions within three months but may answer even faster.

Find the One Stop Shop for New Business Models in English here…
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