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New portal to commercially relevant research

Everybody wants to be world class. The University of Copenhagen and University Hospital Rigshospitalet can actually claim that title. Six of their research fields strongly represented in Danish innovation district Copenhagen Science City are verified as world class research with international investment prospects. Now Copenhagen Science City has created a web-portal offering condensed descriptions of the six fields and direct links to key researchers and equipment. By Jes Andersen.
Find the portal “Research Investment Opportunities” here…

Excellent research in 50 fields. High investment potential in 12

The six fields where revealed in a 2017 analysis “Research strengths with investment prospects” conducted by consulting house IRIS-group. The group found 50 comparatively strong fields in Greater Copenhagen based on bibliometric indicators. They went on to evaluate these for commercial relevance, and found 12 to have a particularly high investment promotion potential. Of these, six are particularly strongly represented in Copenhagen Science City.

The six fields are:

  • Bacteriology
  • Cancer research
  • Metabolism and Diabetes
  • Nano-Science
  • Protein Science and Bioinformatics
  • Quantum Technology
Intellectual property, knowhow and staff

In all six fields, the research institutions situated in Copenhagen Science City house very strong fundamental and applied research initiatives. This, combined with state-of-the-art research infrastructure and a high output of PhD’s and postdocs makes Copenhagen Science City a natural destination not just for investors, but also for companies hoping to co-create or test new products and services as well as for companies who want to co-locate where they have easy access to recruiting highly educated staff.

Co-locate with a university, a university college and a university hospital

Copenhagen Science City is an ideal location for start-ups, scale-ups, R&D-divisions and mature companies. More than 350 innovative companies have already chosen to locate within walking distance of The University of Copenhagen, Faculty of SCIENCE and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University College Copenhagen, University Hospital Rigshospitalet and seven start-up communities.