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New guide to free recruiting services for start-ups

Eight tips for recruiting new staff for your start-up

Hiring new staff may well be the most fear-provoking task for start-ups when they start to scale up. As a service to frazzled founders, Copenhagen Science City has collected eight tips, tricks and free of charge services in one handy page. By Jes Andersen.

Recruiting locally and globally

Companies co-locating in Copenhagen Science City have access to one of Europe’s most impressive pools of highly educated science and tech-talents. More than 20,000 students in health, care and science programmes study within an 800-metre radius. Another 20,000 in the area do research, teach and work in health, care and tech. Many local companies recruit from this formidable pool, but some have additional needs. Find the eight tips, tricks and services here…

Free of charge recruiting aid

Danish public authorities provide a number of free-of-charge services to companies with a need to recruit. From facilitating subsidised jobs for refugees, to recruiting top-level global talent for hard-to-fill positions in research-intensive companies, various offices fill various niches in the recruiting eco-system. Copenhagen Science City has collated the most important establishments, with handy descriptions of the services provided by each. Find free-of-charge recruiting services here…

A better class of un-solicited applications

Many start-ups are too busy to go recruiting. Instead, they pin their hopes on their network when they need to hire. Some even hire based on un-solicited applications. In order to get a better class of applicants, these companies could work on their presentations in the company listings of the Copenhagen Science City start-up communities. They might even be able to attract qualified staff by using their location in Copenhagen Science City as a selling point. See what you can do to attract highly qualified un-solicited applicants, here…

Collaborating to recruit and retain

Copenhagen Science City does more than list the authorities working in attracting, retaining and in recruiting. In order to provide the best possible service for local companies, the secretariat of the innovation district has also entered into formalised collaboration with these service providers. This means, that representatives of the innovation district promote the possibility of working for start-ups at matchmaking and recruiting events in and around Copenhagen Science City.