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From research to succesful product

Technology and knowledge transfer led to a fruitful collaboration between Biocare and researchers from Rigshospitalet (University Hospital of Copenhagen).

In 2012, the biotech business Biocare Copenhagen was established in Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS) in Copenhagen Science City. Biocare produces probiotic supplements that have already captured 60% of the Danish pharmacy market.

The products are primarily based on the research of Rigshospitalet into bacterial strains called FloraActive™. Biocare’s CEO Søren Thomsen and COO Jesper Gantzel see great commercial potential in these strains.

Together with then-chief physician Michael Tvede from Rigshospitalet, who headed the groundbreaking research, they contacted the Unit for Research and Innovation at COBIS, which is responsible for technology and knowledge transfers from Rigshospitalet. This led to the establishment of a fruitful partnership.

Value-creating collaboration

Together with chief physicians from Rigshospitalet and other institutions, Biocare conducted clinical studies with a sharp eye for regulatory requirements. They also drew up an agreement with the Capital Region of Denmark regarding intellectual property rights, providing the framework for a good collaboration.

“The three parameters required for the project to succeed are: 1) a researcher who thinks in commercial terms, 2) a company with the ‘muscles’ to develop a technology, and 3) a hospital with an interest in technology and knowledge transfer that focuses on the project.”

Martin Binzer Lind, special adviser, the Capital Region of Denmark

Close relationship between business and knowledge institution

Biocare’s Scientific Advisory Board combines commercial management with the scientific support of leading physicians and gastrointestinal experts from Rigshospitalet, forming the basis for the company’s development of dietary supplement concepts.

The close proximity to collaborating partners in Copenhagen Science City is key to the excellent dialogue and feedback between the parties, helping to ensure trust, transparent negotiations, input and inspiration.

Tips for succesful collaborations

  • Researchers and businesses should get involved in relations and the social environment at Copenhagen Science City to lay the groundwork for scientific and commercial collaborations.
  • Researchers, businesses and the unit for research and innovation must build a common understanding, a clear division of tasks and a forum for ongoing dialogue and involvement of all parties.

About Biocare Copenhagen

Biocare specialises in developing dietary supplements for gastrointestinal disorders and infections, and for improved immunity. In partnership with major pharmaceutical companies, Biocare has launched products in more than 35 countries and is among the market leaders in Denmark with its LACTOCARE™ line of products.
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