Webinar- Sustainability at Heart
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Clean water, breathable air, food, health and energy for all. Building a business to achieve sustainability goals is no longer just for do-gooders and NGO’s. Solving sustainability challenges is increasingly good for business. Join this event to learn how to Brew Your Own company with Sustainability at Heart.


This open Webinar will help you Brew Your Own sustainable start-up. “Brew Your Own” events aim to give innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers & students inspiration, information and networking opportunities crucial for brewing their own business. The event is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Please sign up here…


On-Line webinar. Sign up no later than june 17th to join.


June 18th 2020, 09.00- 10.30


  • Richard Georg Engström, founder of The One Initiative. Serial entrepreneur and advisor to impact companies and investors. How to prepare your sustainable business case for investors.
  • Jesper Kühl, Head of analysis at think-tank Kraka. How business-innovation is the road to sustainability.
  • Susanne Krogh Petersen and Toke Hjælmsø Madsen, Advisors at Copenhagen Business Hub. How to combine tech innovation and sustainability needs to create great business ideas, and what we can do to help you.
  • Matthew Johnson. CTO, Airlabs and professor of atmospheric chemistry at University of Copenhagen. Starting multiple sustainability businesses based on university research.


This Brew Your Own goes on-line. This means that “open microphone” and networking are both handled in virtual breakout rooms. Please give thought to questions you need answered. Preparing well adds value to your networking.


Anyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. Perhaps you are a student, looking for a job – a researcher, hoping to start a company –a startup founder, looking for collaborators. Or perhaps you are just curious about innovation based start-ups.