University of Copenhagen IT Career Fair 2019
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15:00 to 19:00

This career fair is a unique opportunity to network with students, graduates and employers, who care about algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and the many other faces of software and IT.

Students: Discover the wide range of career paths available within IT and learn what employers are looking for in candidates.

Companies and organisations: Meet students to recruit and learn what they care about in a future employer.

The many faces of IT work

The annual UCPH IT Career Fair will feature national as well as international firms and public organisations – ranging from small start-ups to global tech giants. Areas of employment can be within Fintech, Transportation, Public IT systems, teaching platforms, business intelligence, data science and data management, 3D scanning, game development and much more.

Countless types of IT competencies

Students could be about to graduate in computer science, but they might also be students of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, nano-science, medicine, pharmacology or even nutrition, exercise and sports. All of these learn methods to ensure the integrity of large sets of data and to analyse and extract information from it.

Several job types

The career fair offers an entrance to post graduate jobs, to relevant study jobs, to project in practice-positions and to collaboration project with a company.

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