Brew Your Own: Tailormade Branding
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WEBINAR: Who cares that you have the right product, if you are selling it to the wrong customer? Learn to keep your brand alive, to understand your target audience and to predict their media use. Hear about packaging and storytelling. Meet start-ups who got creative in reaching customers.


Join this “Brew Your Own”-event to hear about the differences between Business to Customer, (B2C) Business to Business, (B2B) and Single Payer Systems where the customer and the user are completely different people. Understand the value of branding, and how to reach your target audience. The event is free of charge, but you must sign up here…


    • Richard Gyrd-Jones, Professor (MSO), Copenhagen Business School. “Brand is strategy in action. How to work your brand as a living organism and present yourself to the right target audience”. Jones leads the Brand and Communication Management programme at CBS and works actively with start-ups to build their brand.
    • Louise Brink Thomsen, Project manager, Procurement development and strategic partnerships, The Capital Region of Denmark. “Precommercial purchasing, public/private partnerships and other ways to build your brand and product in collaboration with the Danish single payer healthcare-system without violating the public procurement act”. The Capital Region of Denmark provides healthcare to 1,7 million Danes.
    • Tine Stampe, CEO & Founder, La Roar Life Science: “How we produced, packaged and promoted our product, for customers who are also end-users, and how we avoid breaking the law when using stories and pictures to sell on social media”. La Roar Life Science is going to market with food supplements for family expansion.
    • Matias Welsien Thomasen, Chief Brand Officer & Co-founder, Pleaz. “Why describing our dream customer as a real person makes it easier to test decisions of design and storytelling”. Pleaz seizes the opportunity to help international B2B costumers with employees’ well-being.


Wednesday 25.NOVEMBER 15.00-17.30


WEBINAR. To get your Zoom sign-on-code please sign up here…


Brew Your Own-events, is an event format designed to inform, inspire and provide networking opportunities to start-up staff and founders and to researchers and students with an interest in innovation intensive start-ups.


Copenhagen Science City and Biopeople


We take care to keep participants safe. This event is on-line, due to the Danish health authorities limits on the number of people who can safely gather. We will do our best to still provide networking opportunities during this webinar.