How to: Present your start-up X SUND Hub
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Learn how to master storytelling and presentation techniques for startups. This free-of-charge workshop  is about the power of storytelling combined with a practical introduction to presentation techniques. You will be provided with a practical guide on how to deliver a short and clear pitch of your idea/startup in order to get your audience convinced. Food and networking is included.


A free-of-charge workshop which will include a practical guide on how to deliver a short and clear presentation of your idea or startup in order to stimulate interest and provoke your audience to carry out your desired action.


This free-of-charge workshop is hosted by University of Copenhagen student-start-up community SUND Hub for UCPH Innovation hubs. Read more and sign up here.


Wednesday November 25th from 15.00-18.00


To Be Confirmed


Anyone with an interest in storytelling for start-ups. Students at all study programmes at University of Copenhagen are especially welcome. Due to corona restrictions, teams and start-ups from the three University of Copenhagen hubs have priority in case of overbooking