MVA Oncology Network Meeting
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17:00 to 20:00

Biomarker measurements have become an essential component of oncology drug development, particularly so in the era of targeted therapies. However, what does it take to get a biomarker from discovery to translation to commercialization? Are we making the most out of the biomarker expertise we have in the Medicon Valley region

On 9 April 2018 Medicon Valley Alliance together with Biopeople/Biomarkers as emerging growth area invites you to the MVA Oncology Network at their 5th meeting covering the topic “Biomarkers – opportunities and challenges in oncology drug development”.


17.00-17:30 Registrations, networking and a bite to eat
17.30- 17.35 Welcome
17.35-17.40 Sponsor of the event
17.40-18.10 “Who are we?” 4 x 5 minute corporate presentation
18.10-18.40 Keynote Speaker – Krister Wennerberg, Prof. University of Copenhagen
Systems medicine methods for identification of stratified cancer therapies and their predictive biomarkers
18.40-18.55 Biomarkers as emerging growth area
18.55-19.10 Biomarkers as a platform for clinical success and reimbursement
19.10-19.30 Future joint Nordic Biomarker initiative
19-30-20.00 Structured networking and a light snack

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