How can new technology improve learning and skill development in the health field?
08:15 to 10:00

The rapid technological advances in virtual reality, augment reality and 360 degree video provide new opportunities for improving student learning and developing healthcare professionals’ skills. Copenhagen Health Innovation invites you to CHI Morgen on 23 April, a seminar focusing on how new technologies are used to improve learning and skill development in the health field.

At this seminar, two companies will present their health innovations:

Ballast CPH, who has developed a digital simulation goggle that can provide health professionals and students with an experience of living with impaired vision and eye diseases will be visiting.

Ballast CPH will show how the simulation goggles can lead to fewer fall injuries for the visually impaired and talk about how their latest projects can be implemented in education programs.

In addition, CAMES Rigshospitalet will talk about their groundbreaking work with simulated surgery and show how it increases the learning perspective to make students and health professionals ready for practice. They will also tell you how they work today and display their vision of how to expect simulated surgery in the future with a simulated operating room.

Read more about the event and sign up HERE

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