Future of healthtech X Google
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Understand the innovation process that has made Silicon Valley the epicenter of HealthTech in the US, as seen by Google. What is the future of HealthTech and how will it affect our lives in 5-10 years?


WEBINAR: Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley invites leaders from Silicon Valley to share their perspectives on the future of HealthTech, providing insight into new and innovative ways that technology and biology is merging and creating new exciting opportunities. This webinar is free of charge, but you must sign up here, to get your webinar link…


WEBINAR. This event is free of charge, but you must sign up here, to get your webinar link…


October 28th. 17.00 – 18.00 CET


Lily Peng is a Product Manager at Google and at the forefront of Google’s healthcare business. Hear about Google’s approach to healthcare and the tech giants future plans in the HealthTech space. Learn why Google takes a scientific approach in adopting technology and data to use in the life science space. Lily Peng will also share insights to Google’s unique approach to innovation and development of products centered in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Anyone with an interest in inventing, developing and commercializing health tech. The webinar is one of a four part series, which will provide a unique opportunity to meet forward thinking innovators from Silicon Valley and learn about the latest development within Health Tech.