Explore Life Science Career Opportunities
17:00 to 20:00

The life science sector in Denmark employs thousands of people with a life science degree. The industry is full of endless job positions and career paths and it can be quite overwhelming as a newly graduate to figure out which kind of jobs that lie behind the titles, and which jobs you are eligible for.

On 15 February, the student-driven organisation Synapse invites students and newly graduates to explore career opportunities with their life science degrees. The evening will offer talks from 18 alumni speakers from the various life science degrees with different positions in the industry, who will enlighten you on the different career paths you can pursue in the industry after graduation.

The event will have three different tracks centred on specific backgrounds and the alumni speakers will be representing the following areas:

Auditorium 2: Molecular Biomedicine, Biology, Human Biology, Medicine

Auditorium 3: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry

Auditorium 4: Bioinformatics, Biotechnology

Afterwards you will have the opportunity to network with the speakers and the other participants while enjoying some light dinner and wine.

Signup for the event open on 7 February.

Read more and sign up HERE

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