Distributed tech teams X Symbion
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Early success in startups largely depends on people, but setting up a strong team becomes challenging when the right talent isn’t situated where you are. This Pre Seed Academy event hosted by start-up community Symbion is the 17th in Pre Seed Ventures’ “Start-up Academy” series.


How do you get from hiring remote talent to building a high performance culture? That is a questions that tech start-ups are continually wrestling with. This pre seed academy seeks to answer where you can start looking for talent, how you know it’s a match,how you onboard new people remotely, how you secure a shared sense of purpose and how to approach scaling. The event is free of charge. Learn more and sign up here…


PreSeed Ventures describe themselves as Denmark’s largest and most successful early stage investor. They have been financing and assisting talented and hungry entrepreneurs for over 15 years

Who for

Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in starting a business or joining a start-up.


February 25th. 17.00- 20.00


Symbion, Event space, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 København Ø