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WEBINAR about outsourcing, services and consultants and how to stick to core business and still get every job done. Join this Brew Your Own to learn which tasks to keep in-house, what you can safely trust consultants to do and what consultants look out for, when you ask them to do the work.


Start-ups need to focus on the product. Start-ups need to focus on the customers. Start-ups need to focus on the team. Start-ups need to focus on book-keeping, web-design, intellectual property protection, data quality control, communication, taxes, regulatory issues, marketing and…

With so many things to focus on, start-up entrepreneurs need to be able to delegate too. Join this free-of-charge Brew Your Own-webinar to learn about some of the many services available to start-ups. Hear what the specialists says about outsourcing and discover when delegating a task may be cheaper than doing it yourself. This webinar is free of charge, but you must sign up with our event-partners Danish Life Science Cluster. 


May 5th. 15.00-17.00


Webinar. Click here and sign up with our event-partners Danish Life Science Cluster, to get your link


  • Gunhild Klarskov Kristiansen, CEO, CMC Value Advisory. And a client. Title of speech to be announced.
  • Claus Birkedal, Business Developer, Copenhagen Business Hub: “Why, when, and how to use external consultants: Pros and cons, search and preparation, capturing the benefits”. Copenhagen Business Hub provides free-of-charge advice for your start-up and scale-up.
  • Faraz Ijaz, Founder & CEO, Neurofy ApS- “Why branding is the first external service you should consider investing in as a start-up – If you’re a founder and you’re not clear about who your company is, or what you do, then, how can you expect your clients and employees to know? What can a brand expert deliver, that you probably couldn’t do yourself”. Neurofy ApS is a neurobranding agency basing its services on scientific insights into neuroscience, behavioral psychology and intelligence. The agency helps companies increase brand & marketing performance by targeting the decision making part of the customer’s brain.
  • Claudia Blomgren-Hansen, Partner, LIFE SCIENCE PLUS Advokater. And a client. Title of speech to be announced.


All BREW YOUR OWN events include networking sessions where you get to meet peers, ask questions, pitch ideas and advertise start-up services to the entire audience.


Brew Your Own-events, is an event format designed to inform, inspire and provide networking opportunities to start-up staff and founders and to researchers and students with an interest in innovation intensive start-ups.


Copenhagen Science City and Danish Life Science Cluster