Brew Your Own: 3D-print start-up
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Additive Manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing allow faster design- and development cycles, less harmful production processes and more sustainable products. Meet start-ups with additive manufacturing at heart, learn what is, and what will soon be, possible with the technologies and dive into how AM is creating some of the worlds’ most promising business models.


This free-of-charge “Brew Your Own”-event aims to inform you about Additive Manufacturing and 3D-printing for sustainable start-ups. The Copenhagen Science City and BioPeople event is free of charge, but you must sign up here


Monday September 28th 2020. 15:00 – 17:30


Københavns Universitetsbibliotek Nord (KUB Nord)
Nørre Allé 49
2200 – København N


  • Frank Rosengeen Lorenzen, CEO, AM Hub: Why additive manufacturing is more sustainable for the planet and for your business. (AM hub is an organisation promoting the development and use of 3D print and similar technologies to Danish industry.)
  • Alexander Løcke, CTO & Founder, Solarsack: How a 200-dollar printer allowed us to put our prototype in the hands of 100 end users without breaking our budget. (Solarsack is developing low-cost/high performance non-chemical water purification units for the 3rd world.)
  • Lasse Staal, CEO & co-founder, Addifab: How to shave months and millions out of your product development cycle with novel Danish technology “Free form injection moulding”. (Addifab is going to market with a unique new technology combining the best of 3D-printing and injection moulding.)
  • Maksym Plakhotnyuk, CEO and founder, ATLANT 3D Nanosystems: Developing the world’s first atom layer 3D printer to enable micro- and nanodevice prototyping at the push of a button.


Brew Your Own-events, is an event format designed to inform, inspire and provide networking opportunities to start-up staff and founders and to researchers and students with an interest in innovation intensive start-ups.


Danish AM Hub, Copenhagen Science City and Biopeople


We take care to keep participants safe. If Danish health authorities further limits the number of people who can safely gather, this event will be moved on-line.