Biotech Digital Health Ideation Workshop
16:00 to 20:30

Join the University of Copenhagen, REBBLS and EIT Health Entrepreneur Lab for an after hour ideation workshop in the Mærsk Tower at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The University of Copenhagen launches its EIT Health Entrepreneurship Starter Lab in Copenhagen. Together with REBBLS problemmakers, UCPH invite you to join the Biotech Digital Health ideation workshop on Friday November 3rd. The workshop will focus on how to turn problems into ideas in the four key areas:

  1. Human microbiome
  2. Biosynthetic food and additivies
  3. Digital health and biotech with precision medicine
  4. Robotics and artificial intelligence.

The workshop aims to help participants develop the next biotech or digital health company, develop ideas within an existing company or help ideate new ideas in an academic position. Participants will learn how to communicate, collaborate and ideate with a diverse crowd of people and help achieve a basic understanding of the design thinking toolbox.


Read more and sign up for the event here.

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