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Video: Easy interaction with inventors and collaborators

To have collaborators and inventors within walking distance was the main reason why VAR2 Pharmaceuticals chose Copenhagen Science City as its location

VAR2 Pharmaceuticals was founded based on a breakthrough in cancer research by scientists from the University of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet (the University Hospital of Copenhagen) and the University of Columbia. The company set up office in Copenhagen Science City to be close to inventors and collaborators.

We have collaborators within very close distance, so we can share reagents and we can share development of processes.

Ali Shanti, Founder, VAR2 Pharmaceuticals

Ali Shanti has huge expectations for the future of VAR2 Pharmaceuticals and the plan is to stay in Copenhagen Science City as the company grows.

Our singular aim is to develop a large and thriving company in the Bio Science Park, that can take this novel cancer product into phase one and phase two trials on humans.

About VAR2 Pharmaceuticals

VAR2 Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biotechnology company engaged in the design and development of proprietary therapeutic proteins targeting cancer-specific carbohydrate structures for multiple cancer indications. The technology is based on groundbreaking discoveries made by Ali Salanti and his group, at University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Mads Daugaard at University of British Columbia.