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Copenhagen stays in global liveability top-three

Copenhagen is Most liveable 2023 Photo Daniel RasmussenWonderful Copenhagen

Safe, smart, fun and easy to get around. According to the 2023 “Global Liveability Index” Danish capital Copenhagen is one of the most liveable cities in the world. Surpassed only by Austrian capital Vienna. This is the second year running that Copenhagen takes second place in the global index.

Liveability results validate innovation district

The global liveability index is an annual publication by Economist Intelligence Unit, which is a sister company to the respected international magazine “The Economist” which publishes global news and analysis on world politics, economics, business, science, and tech. This is first class validation for the city’s innovation ecosystem.

For Copenhagen Science City liveability is immensely important. Our innovation district does boast world class science in several fields, and that can attract talent and companies, but what makes them stay is the quality of life. Company founders and highly accomplished scientists want to raise their children where they will be safe, happy and get a first-class education”: Kristoffer Klebak, Head of Secretariat, Copenhagen Science City.

100 out of 100 in stability, education and infrastructure

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) scores 172 cities across the globe on the issues stability, education, infrastructure, healthcare and culture and environment. In the first three categories Copenhagen scores a perfect 100 out of 100, just like first place taker Vienna. For healthcare, Copenhagen scores 98,5 against Vienna’s perfect 100. Copenhagen surpasses Vienna when it comes to culture and environment, scoring 95,4 against Vienna’s 93,5

Only two European cities in top five

Copenhagen and Vienna are the only European cities in the 2023 top five, with Melbourne and Sidney of Australia and Vancouver, Canada rounding out the five first places. Copenhagen Denmark first entered the global top ten in 2018.

About Copenhagen Science City

Copenhagen Science City is a world class innovation district where bright ideas are transformed into new solutions to national and global challenges.
The district houses outstanding facilities for research, education, testing and trials. Talents from around the world choose to work and study at University of Copenhagen, University Hospital Rigshospitalet and University College Copenhagen.
More than 500 innovative companies have chosen to co-locate in Copenhagen Science City.
Many recruit from, and co-create with, the areas’ knowledge institutions and their 34,000 researchers, students and staff and their state-of-the-art facilities.