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Copenhagen Science City will turn Haraldsgade neighbourghood into a knowledge laboratory

Haraldsgade neighbourhood to transform into knowledge laboratory

A new action plan aims to revitalise one of Copenhagens’ worn down, but centrally located corners: The Haraldsgade neighbourhood which is a former light industry district. The partners in Copenhagen Science City have now agreed to work to transform the area into a so-called “knowledge laboratory”.By Jes Andersen.

Unique concentration of expertise

Copenhagen Science City is already one of the strongest innovation districts in Europe. Located just minutes from the centre of Danish capital Copenhagen it houses a unique concentration of research- and education institutions, start-up communities and test and transport facilities.

A lift from European to global excellence

The Haraldsgade neighbourhood is located at the northwestern tip of the innovation district Copenhagen Science City. Transforming it is a trailblazer-project because the area houses a huge potential towards lifting the entire innovation district from European- to global excellence. In order to achieve this lift, the partners will work to improve transport connections and create spaces for city-life, businesses and for actors who are relevant to the development of the innovation ecosystem.

Co-creating solutions to tough challenges

The vision for the area is that Haraldsgade and its neighbouring streets will be a knowledge laboratory of international scope by 2025. An area where buildings, squares and streets are used to demonstrate solutions and promote co-creation. An area where companies, researchers, students and citizens from around the world collaborate. An area where solutions to society’s important challenges are invented, developed and tested.

Powerhouse of research and education

Research and education will integrate seamlessly with urban living, and the quarter’s diverse, contrast-rich and unpolished downtown atmosphere will create life, charm and authenticity. The area is to be a powerhouse that secures a place for Copenhagen Science City and Denmark on the world map.

Attractive location for starting or growing innovative companies

With seven start-up communities and over 350 innovative companies, Copenhagen Science City has proven itself as an attractive location for starting or growing a research intensive company. The innovation district partners hope to procure additional square meters in order to ensure that they can still attract companies and institutions.

Encouraging scale-ups

The partners also hope to encourage current actors to stay and develop by supporting networking, co-creation and knowledge sharing in the area and by helping knowledge activities to become visible all over the district.

New transport opportunities integrated into urban development

In July 2019, three new Metro stations are projected to open within walking distance of the innovation district. Two of these, Skjolds Plads and Vibenshus are on the edge of the Haraldsgade neighbourhood. When the stations open, the Copenhagen Central Station will be a twelve-minute ride away. The airport twenty minutes. The vision and action plan for the area also includes steps to accommodate and integrate the new stations.

The Copenhagen Science City Development Council adopted the “Vision and Action Plan for the development of the Haraldsgade Neighbourhood” at their meeting on March 1st. 2019.

You can find the plan (In Danish) here…